Transitioning to solar

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At Synergy Solar Solutions, we handle every aspect from the initiation of the project, starting with site inspections for solar panel installation, to providing after-sales customer service. We employ a strategic approach to ensure everything is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.



Every solar project, regardless of its scale, necessitates a brief discussion to determine its necessity. We offer a complimentary consultation to inform you about solar energy systems. Collaboratively, we define your objectives and motivations for installing a solar energy system. Our solar specialist will inquire about your energy consumption patterns and needs. To initiate your savings journey, we thoroughly assess your utility expenses and roof characteristics to devise the optimal solution for your home.



Following your initial consultation, our solar specialist will reach out to you, offering tailored solar solutions and addressing any inquiries you may have. Subsequently, we will collaborate with you to present the most suitable customized plan tailored to your home.



Upon your agreement to proceed, our team of proficient site assessors will rendezvous with you at your home at the designated time. Here, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis, delving into the details. Throughout this process, we will assess your roof and commence measurements to craft your personalized plan.


Design & Approval

Following the assessment, our design engineer will develop a tailored solar solution design crafted to meet your home’s requirements. Upon engineering an efficient system for your residence, we’ll ensure proper approval from the local grid company before proceeding with installation scheduling.



With your solar system designs approved and paperwork signed by the local grid company, our team will commence your solar installation. We will collaborate closely with you to schedule a convenient installation day at your location. Additionally, our professionals will ensure the seamless operation of the solar power panels and provide regular updates on the installation progress.


Switch On the Power

Upon inspection approval, we’ll furnish guidelines for activation, initiating the generation of solar power at your home. Your system is now operational, primed to harness the sun’s energy. We’ll handle the monitoring and maintenance of your solar panel system for the specified duration.



Following the installation, we will collaborate with local utility inspectors to verify compliance with energy standards and ensure grid connectivity. We will inform you about the scheduled inspection and use it to assess the quality and performance of our solar panels. Our project lead will manage all necessary inspections and permissions for operation, relieving you of any concerns.


Solar Satisfaction

We are dedicated to ensuring you maximize the benefits of your solar-powered residence. We’ll handle the monitoring and maintenance of your solar panel system for the specified duration.

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