Solar Myths

Solar power is only accessible to those with substantial wealth

It’s a common misconception that solar energy is exclusively for the affluent. However, recent research disproves this notion, revealing that a significant portion of solar adopters are from middle-class backgrounds. To go solar, you simply need to meet three criteria: 1) Homeownership, 2) a roof with adequate sunlight exposure, and 3) sufficient funds (not necessarily exorbitant, just adequate). Even if you lack the necessary funds, we offer financing options to assist you in obtaining your solar system.

Transitioning to solar can be quite challenging

Once you connect with us, you can rest assured. We handle everything from system design, permits, government rebates, construction, and utility grid connection. All you need to do is give us the green light, then sit back and watch as your roof transforms into a powerhouse. Embrace this innovative power generation method and witness its transformative effects.

Our state does not receive enough sunshine

Every Indian state receives ample sunshine. To benefit from solar energy, all you need is a sunny roof. A bit of shade won’t hurt either.

Waiting to get solar installed will save me money

The advantage of transitioning to solar power is the availability of subsidies provided by both the Indian Government and various state governments. However, these subsidies are typically limited and diminishing over time. Therefore, delaying your solar installation may result in missing out on incentives that make solar energy cost-effective. Additionally, the sooner you install solar panels, the sooner you can start enjoying reduced or even eliminated electricity bills.

Solar requires hard maintenance work

At Synergy Solar, our objective is to optimize your solar home experience. We provide a performance guarantee, ensuring that the installed system generates the specified amount of power as promised. Should it fall short, we will compensate you for the difference. Solar systems are highly durable and demand minimal maintenance. Synergy Solar conducts thorough inspections to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency. In the rare event of an issue, we’ll detect it before you do!

Solar is only for environmentalists

Whoever claimed that solar energy is exclusively for eco-conscious individuals? It’s for anyone looking to save money while also safeguarding the environment. This is one of the unique offerings of Synergy Solar. We assist you in saving money each month for years to come, all while maintaining a clean environmental footprint.

Solar results in a reduced home value

Investing in solar power can enhance the value of your home, resulting in a higher resale price and a shorter time on the market. This is due to the fact that the new homeowner can benefit from the existing solar system, enabling them to save money shortly after purchasing the property.

Investing in solar isn't a wise choice

Solar power delivers monthly dividends, and owning a solar system can yield even greater returns. Unlike financial markets, where performance isn’t guaranteed, Synergy Solar provides assurance. Ultimately, the sun reigns supreme, and harnessing solar power translates to increased financial gains.

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