Home Solar System

The solar system must provide electric energy to fulfill all the power requirements of a home. It can also provide AC power and for other electronic gadgets as well, which is now a requirement for most homes.

Solar for Residentials

Avoid the unavoidable

Is your electricity bill eating up your disposable income? We provide the most cost – efficient solar panels for homes.

Better savings

The investment in solar panels for homes is providing greater savings while also earning from the extra whatts produced.

Environmental benefits

With our solar panels for homes we help you achieve your green dreams. Stay ahead of others in being eco- friendly.

Solar for any roof

With our engineering expertise, we can satisfy all customers expectation including High rise Structure, Pergola type installation & hut shaped elevations.

Let’s make solar homes

India is one of the fastest solar power countries in the world with the increased scope in solar residential segment. We at SYNERGY SOLAR SOLUTIONS are helping hundreds of Indian households to install solar panels for homes. We help you gift your children, a sustainable, energy independent and environment friendly future with our solar solutions for homes.

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